Sunday, September 18

The Hunter

Sometimes it's hard to watch nature in the raw.  CoCo really is a sweet little dog, but she does what animals do~


Trijnie said...

I think she is proud about what she did. My Silva one jumped in the air and snapped a flying Robin, I could not believe my eyes.
It is nice picure of your dog
gr Trijnie

vira said...

hii salam kenal iya dari vira .. :)
jangan lupa mapir keweb vira iya di vira mau berbagi pengalaman nih.:)
wah bagus juga iya blog ka2 ... ^_^ good luck iya... SALAM BLOG INDONESIA.. ^__^

Arti said...

Awww, So True.. This is the law of nature..

BlueShell said...

She hunts, of course: She's very nice. I have 2 dogs and some cats...Love them all..
Big Kiss

A Lady's Life said...

Yup. Sometimes dogs bring you things they want you to save.