Saturday, March 8

A straigth gaze to her owner

I saw this beautiful four months old The Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever,
when I was going to the lake.
I forgot ask her name, but I hope, that also Kiki will meet her some day !


Suzanne said...

She is very, very beautiful. I've never heard of the breed - thanks for the link, Leena!

Suzanne said...

Now that I've read the link about how this particular retriever works, I have to say that it's a very sneaky thing to put a dog to in order to kill birds! However, I guess if you're hungry enough....

Trijnie said...

What a beautiful dog, I love the red color

Anonymous said...

never in Finland these dogs have done this!
Are they saying it in that link?
I have to read it more exact.
They are just only beloved pets here and very nice ones, I can tell!

Neva said...

What a very beautiful dog!