Saturday, March 8

Kisses from IOS

(c) Ios is watching (Soesterduinen)" NL
Hello from IOS ,
Ios like watching other Dogs and not playing with them, IOS likes it more to be with people and not with dogs...... We don't really know why...
HANS are you doing right now? are you recovering well , are you able to walk with Tommy?
Best wishes for you wooof Tommy , Hans and Trijnie,
IOS and JoAnn are wishing all animal-owners a WOOOF good weekend!!.


Trijnie said...

Thanks Joann and Ios, Hans is recovering needs a lot of rest. He is not allowed for 6 weeks to walk with Tommy. He misses the walks

Neva said...

I am so glad to hear the Hans is recovering and resting.I wish you both good speed in getting him healthy. Tell him I said hello.

Hans said...

sorry Joann I'm not so active on the moment and thanks to Ios !

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

OK Hans,
We all understand that you are still recovering , so take your time! Take care and best wishes!