Friday, February 29

Playing 'where am I?"

Hi This is Dog IOS from Holland,
And in case you want to know this: we do NOT forget to wish HANS and Trijnie all the best with the recovering from Hans's heart-operation; ALL THE BEST HANS!!! and Woof for Tommy...

Above: Ios always likes to hide herself, she though that I could not see her, haha! But I could see her with my telelens... Greetings , click here for JoAnn and Ios-blog


Hans said...

Thank you Joann and Ios I can't walk with my big friend Tommy and sleep all day..

Trijnie said...

hide and seek, that a nice game

Neva said...

Nice photo JoAnn....Hans...hope you are up and about soon!

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

Hans ... I told you!
p l e a s e t a k e i t e a s y!! :)

Yep Trijnie

Thanks Neva

Greetings and WOOF, from IOS and JoAnn