Wednesday, February 27

Ginger & Tallulah Meet for Fun

The "boys" live in the house and Tallulah lives in the studio. I keep them separated for a variety of reasons but Tallulah seened so lonely for her own kind that I decided to let Ginger out to keep her company for a while.

Tallulah was thrilled.

Ginger Ale played along for awhile

(he liked the kiss!)

but then got a little cranky at the end. He's an old man.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful thought from you and beautiful cats.

Miss_Yves said...

Beautiful pictures and delightful stories of animals!
Miss Yes

Anonymous said...
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Hans said...

Suzanne is that Ginger ale on the Ephemera cd ?

Trijnie said...

like to see playing cats

Gowri said...

Wow, beautiful pictures....the kitties look adorable!