Sunday, February 17

My friend

Hello my friend bloggers, I have not visited your blogs lately. The reason is that my friend Hans, is in hospital now.
Tomorrow he has a heavy heartoperation. So please if you have a moment think off him.
We'll be back!!


Constança Lucas said...

my sincerity solidarity with you

best regards

náná and constança
from são paulo/brasil

Trijnie said...

thankyou so much constanca

Jaap said...

Yes, we will.
Hope to see him soon again.

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

Dear Trijnie,
I have been thinking about YOU and HANS his heartoperation,
so how is HANS doing now????

Our BEST ,Best wishes!!!
Take care Hans and Hold on!

from IOS and JoAnn

Constança Lucas said...

best wishes for Hans for Hans

best regards
náná and constança

Trijnie said...

Thankyou so much dear blogfriends.
Hans needed another surgery. It is heavy. But he is strong and stabilized now. We go for the best.
I keep you informed
X Trijnie

Kate said...

Thank you for thinking of keeping us informed when you have more than enough to think about. Give Hans our best! We and our pets all hold Hans in our thoughts and hearts!!

Piondröm said...

I keep you in my heart and pray for you. Carina

Trijnie said...

Thankyou so much dear blogfriends.
hug Trijnie
I'll keep you informed