Tuesday, February 19

Best wishes for HANS!

Hans is now in Hospital ,
He started this blog together with Trijnie,
The below flower-card is for HANS
BEST wishes for Hans, get well soon and take care, See post below,Trijnie wrote whats going on with HANS.
Best wishes from all participants of this CATS and DOGS-blog, write your best wishes for him at the comments, and wish HANS the very best.We are all are hoping for a good recovery!!!
Hans would have said: "JoAnn, this is not a flower blog", so therefore I follow his wishes and post here a photo from Ios and me: The best wishes from IOS and JoAnnclick on linkto see JoAnn's blog

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Trijnie said...

Dankje wel Joann ik heb op m'n eiegn blog even verslag gedaan.
X Trijnie