Thursday, January 17

Sorry,I feel not well

Hi cats & dogs and your owners, This is me IOS

No I do not feel well OOOW woofl!
Thats why I keep my mouth shut....
Do you want to know what going on with me?


womann in glass said...

He Joann and IOS. Hope it is not bad with IOS. Let us know if he is recovered. A big hug for you both XX

Hans said...

Poor Ios hope you get well soon !!

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Thanks Dear Trijnie and Hans , dankjewel Lieve Trijnie en Hans,
WOOOF, woef!

I am telling you the result of todays petvisit , so please read my blogcomments for that if you like to know more?
Ik vertel het 'resultaat 'van het dierenarts-bezoek in mijn blogcomments, dus lees het daar als je wilt?


Neva said...

I hope IOS is feeling better.