Saturday, March 23

RVing: The USA is our BIG Backyard: ~~~~HOME~~~~

RVing: The USA is our BIG Backyard: ~~~~HOME~~~~

First time to write on your blog, but have read them all throughout your trip... have enjoyed it.
God bless your friends in there sorrow, and god bless Cole and his family as well

Tuesday, December 4

Dog tripping

We took a trip in the Jeep with the dog Buck.  He says "Aw, come on, guys.  Can I be up front with you?"

Friday, August 17


We were in the tree farm geo-caching--dogs along of course--but
bingo got bored waiting for us so he just chilled in the ferns and vegetation.  He is so funny

Monday, July 30

Herding dog

Napoleon loves to herd the young ducks and they don't seem to mind.  

Saturday, July 28

Bucky loves just playing in the water

This is an old boat launch on the Skagit River.

Sunday, July 22

Another stealth photo

It looks like I'm just about the only person posting on this blog anymore.  C'mon folks!!  This is our granddog, Lexie, again.  Because she is frightened of cameras I have to use stealth to get a photo.  I think I did a good job this time!

Thursday, July 5

Mighty Penelope

This is my grand-daughter's do, Penelope, down by the pond knee deep in Dandelions.

I would like to see this blog continue.  I must post more often

Saturday, June 30

Camera Shy Lexie

In order to get a photo of camera shy Lexie, our granddog we have to use stealth and cunning.

Isn't anyone posting here anymore?  Wonder why the blog exists if so few people are active?  Any reactions, please.

Tuesday, June 12

Relaxing with Maggi

Monday, May 14

Granddog Lexie celebrating Mother's Day with the family!

Sunday, April 29

Two sweet little dogs I saw at Farmers' Market in Charleston, South Carolina

Saturday, April 28


This nameless (at the time) little pooch belonged to the owner of our condo on our recent trip to Charleston, SC.  After some activity, like little puppies, it collapsed and went to sleep.

Wednesday, April 25


Kelly...enjoying one of her favorite pastimes!!!

Thursday, April 19

My Bingo!!

This is my dog Bingo.  He is a happy go lucky Amstaff.  He is looking worried but he isn't. He just wants to play!!!

Wednesday, April 18

Cat Nap

I think that this highly literate cat belongs to someone in the Blue Bicycle Bookstore on King Street in Charleston, South Carolina.


I met Tucker with his mistress at a beautiful waterfront park in Beaufort, SC.  Great scenery always includes an animal!

Saturday, February 25

Tuesday, February 21

Funny sign

This looks like my dog Bingo.

Sunday, February 12

The Leader of the Pack!

Leading the pack again...our Kelly!!!

Poised for a romp in the snow!!!

What could possibly be more fun than playing in the snow with friends???

A happy dog indeed!!!

Monday, January 9

Sunday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

Maggi says, "Woof! Woof!"

Thursday, December 22

Comfort and Joy...


and Joy!!!


Wishing you all a warm, cozy and joyful Christmas and Hannakah!!!

Saturday, December 17

Wednesday, November 16

Thursday, November 10

On Inviting Holiday

It's my fun time to see sportsmanship
and team spirit.

Friday, November 4

Friends forever

3 times a week we have guest-dogs; Kesha the  female Rodesian Ridge-back and Roover the male beagle. They play  the whole day in our garden with Tommy and Silva.


Thursday, November 3

The robomop

Leica the dachshund and the robomop

Small dogs weekend

Last Summer we started a small dogs house. Every week we have several guests. This weekend we had only small dogs 3 dachhunds and 1 Jack Russel. an impression:

Tuesday, October 25

14 years!

Ginger Ale and I are about to mark 14 years together!

In 1997, just before Hallowe'en, I picked up Ginger Ale (and his late, boon companion Little Willow) from the Humane Society in Charleston, South Carolina. On his tag, the note said that he was 2-3? years old and that his person was deceased.

In my traveling days, Ginger Ale would sit in my suitcase when I'd open it to pack. If you're leaving, take me with you.

Ginger Ale has bumped along with me from Charleston, to Boston, to St. Petersburg, Florida, to Charlottesville, Virginia and finally to Nashville, TN.

He is the perfect guest cat, throwing himself, purring, across any willing lap and torso. He would gladly be mayor of any neighborhood (if only given the chance), is kind to his housemates and has an enormous sense of humor.

Ginger Ale's coat is not as luxe as it once was and he's lost a bit of girth but is still robust and loves to take his morning constitutional around the yard. My old pal.

Sunday, October 23

Monday, October 10

Kelly loves the water!!!

Kelly can't believe her luck...she loves her new life!!!
(BTW...the above photo was taken by my granddaughter Kieley)

Kelly and my granddaughter Kasey enjoying the water this past summer...

Monday, October 3

Saturday, October 1


This is Kesha, a 16 months young female Rhodesian Richback. We are happy to have her as our guest 3 times a week. Its great fun to see her with our own dogs Tommy and Silva. The accepted her as a new member of the pack.

Sunday, September 25


A little over  a year ago Lexie entered our household as a grand-dog, and she is over almost every day to play with our Maggi.  Initially I had some reservations but after the chewing-stage she has turned into a real winner!

Saturday, September 24


Buck says hey play ball with me.

Sunday, September 18

The Hunter

Sometimes it's hard to watch nature in the raw.  CoCo really is a sweet little dog, but she does what animals do~

Monday, September 12

A lot has happened...

since last I posted...

My last post was in March...shortly after our beautiful Miss Daisy passed away...

She left a big hole in our hearts...
But life goes on...

Since then a new furry family member has joined us...

Meet Kelly...
We got her from the Forever Friends Rescue in Ventura, and when
we got her in June, she was 16 months old...

Kelly has brought lot's of laughter and smiles...
Even throughout our recent move across town...

At least for us humans...
The feline members of the family aren't too sure about her!!!

Saturday, September 10

Friday, September 9


hide and seek

Every Summer we have some guestdogs, one of them was Zoe, she is an English Stafforfd Bull-terrier. Behaved very friendly and social . She played with all the dogs and was very funny as you can see.

Wednesday, September 7

Sleepy Pooch

I saw this sleepy pooch in a parking lot as I entered a restaurant for an evening meal.

Wednesday, August 31

A neighbor's dog who prefers to hang out with us!!