Sunday, June 19


Babalu! In from the wild. Looking for a good home. His mother, uncle and siblings are hanging 'round the studio. They like the food but are very wild. Must find a solution so my own cats (and birds and squirrels) can reenter the territory. It's a dilemma!


Trijnie said...

Dear Suzanne.

feel ashamed, for not writing so long.

Its a great dilemma. Long time a go, I think last year we had a wild cat in our wood-shed. She was very hungry, but also very shy. I fed her for a week. I called the cat Ruby. A good friend of mine found a good house for her.
2 days later one of her kittens was screaming in our garden for his mother, I think 6 weeks old.
We also found a good home for him (he's calles Bram now).
I'm fon of cats, but Tommy and Silva are not catproof, so I had to make that decision. Its great to see you (although you have a kitten for your face ;-) )

Suzanne McDermott said...

Trijnie!!! I miss you guys!!!

I remember your posts on Ruby. Oy! Well, I think that the best thing I can do for this family is to have them all spayed and neutered. I think I can have it done for free.

So great that you found a home for both cats. Don't feel ashamed for not writing! Life is too full (and I haven't written you, either — it's been one hell of a year (kind of like Hans' bad year).) Plus you have the new house. I'll bet your loving it (especially now that summer is here. Did I wish you Happy Solstice?

I have a kitten in my face because this is Post Your Dog (or Cat). Not Post My Face. Oh, but come over to my teaching site where I just put a video. See my face at

Love ya!

Trijnie said...

Dear Suzanne,

already saw the one on your teaching site, looks great.
Hope you find a house for this little monster....!
I'll write soon
love T

Jaap said...

Find a home already, it is a beauty.

TheChieftess said...

Tooooo cute!!!