Friday, November 26

Me "Joyi"I am now 7 1/2 weeks

Hello Here I am again,
now I am 7 1/2 weeks young or old whatever,
Do you see that my ears are growing????
Nex week I meet my owner and I move to my new home, The only thing is: that I am for the first time in my life without my mommy and daddy, and my 3 brothers and 3 sisters, boy I will miss them for sure!!!!
They gave me the name JOYI-JAN, but they call me JOYI.
Wóf wáf WéF!!!greetings from JoAnn's-D-Eyes/Holland


Anzu said...

d(@^∇゚)/ Have courage!
It'll be fun to your new life filled with adventure.

Fotobloggen 2010 said...

and aren't you sweet :-)
I bet you wil have a great life with your new family!

JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

Thanks I have a great life WOOOOOOF
Greetings from a Happy Joyi-Jan