Saturday, May 29

Blogging with Sadie!!!

This morning, while I was going through my usual morning blog routine, Ms. Sadie joined me in checking out this morning's blogs...

She certainly perked up whenever the picture changed or the pointer moved around the screen!!!

I didn't think that I would get these pics as the camera was in the other room...but she stayed!! She's certainly not photo-phobic!!!


Virginia said...

Oh Sadie darlin', I"m thrilled you like my blog. Maybe I'll post Kittykins' photo again soon just pour toi!

TheChieftess said...


Anzu said...

Ms. Sadie,
You are good at English more than me.

I envy you (*´ο`*)=3

TheChieftess said...

Your English is certainly better than Sadie's (or my) Japanese!!! One of my favorite things about this blog is that we are all from such different places in the world, yet we have such a commonality with our love for our animals!!! It's a wonderful world!!!