Wednesday, January 13

Goldie swimming in the lake

We live near a lake so any chance our Goldie Girl can get she will go for a swim.

Goldie Girl is Posted by EileeninMd


Trijnie said...

Retrievers are realy goog swimmers.
She looks very happy in the water
gr. Trijnie

Kittie Howard said...

Such a beautiful dog, er, 'person'...retrievers are fantastic!

LV said...

Loved your little dogie picture swimming. Most of them do enjoy the water.

Small City Scenes said...

She looks like she is reqlly enjoying herself. I think she is smiling. Our dogs love the water too. MB

TheChieftess said...

Goldie Girl has a verrry sweet face!!! She looks like she's quite happy swilmming!!!