Wednesday, October 7

Aspoula is here

The most intelligent doggy we ever had:)
She is about 4,5 month old and has a lot to learn and is a clever girl.


Suzanne McDermott said...

Oh!! Jaap!! I would adopt Aspoula in a heartbeat! It's love at first sight. I'm head over heels. I mean it! She's so lucky to be with you and I'll bet you feel lucky to be with her, too.

Trijnie said...

I already met this young lady, I already have 2 adopted dogs, three would be too much.
She is realy adorable and very funny.
She plays with the cats as if she knew them for years.
She is as beautiful as a fox.
Suzanne if you could wow.......

mj said...

What a beautiful girl. She surely has some Shepherd breeding. Is she a large dog?...And are you looking for a home for her?

Jaap said...

Suzanne, that is what we feel too for this doggy.
She is a heartbraker.

Mj. She is not a big dog.About 45 cm now.
Shure there is shepherd in this one.
But a little one, she comes from greece and we help to find a warm home for some of them.
I went to the Vet and he told me that she was 5,5 month when he inspected the teeth.

Hey Trijnie, two or three, not mutch difference:)

Trijnie said...

Ha Ha, dan komen er wel 3 logeren!
Ha Ha than you will have 3 for a stay!

Trijnie said...

Btw Jaap, we have a medium for exchange black and white beauty : ..... ;) (That an idea from Hans) She has a new habbit now, digging holes in the garden and killing young trees.
She is a real pain in the ass (sometimes)but I love her!!

LisaLisa said...

Wow she is really beautiful! Hope all is going well, dropping by to say have a bless week!

poeh said...

Ha Ha, dan komen er wel 3 logeren!
Ha Ha than you will have 3 for a stay!

Okay :)