Sunday, August 30


Ruby the wild cat stays with us fot some time.
She is too skinny, and not a real wild cat.
Very friendly fot us but for the dog s dhe s a pain in the nose.
When Roby is strong and heathy we will find an permanent home.


Suzanne McDermott said...

Lucky Ruby! Good job on the rescue and keeping those @#$%&$#$ dogs away.

Trijnie said...

I am so happy that this beauty (yes the one that lived for a week in our barn) see some picture below, is with L and J now.

A few days after we found her in the barn and giving her food and drinks, one night another cat (very tiny red kitten) came screeming for help and hunger in our garden. I think it was the son of the grey cat.
He is already adopted by a very nice lady of a petshop in Groningen, lucky guy!
I am very greatful to Lydi and Jaap.
They never refuse shelter for pets who need help. A big kiss for you both!!!! Trijnie

Trijnie said...

Eeeeuh, I thought her name was Robin now?