Sunday, March 22

Chow Time!

There is a small group of expats in Mazatlán, México who trap street and feral cats, take each to a local vet for health care and neutering after which they release the animals. Their ears are marked for identification. Like many cities, these undomesticated cats breed and produce many animals that continue the cycle. Too often the cats suffer diseases and crippling accidents but, if they're lucky, they are trapped and given a new lease on life by members of this group. I went along for a photo shoot and snapped these cats who had been neutered and are often fed by neighbors or individuals in the group who live here year long. It's a big job!!


Trijnie said...

Its great some people take care of them

Sighs said...

Argh! Kittens!!

us4 said...

awww, they are so cute it is good to see them eating some nutrition. bless them all and i hope they are safe and loved forever.