Sunday, January 4

Areta has a home

Now Areta left us for a new home. On the photo you see her in front of the group.
Only Sabana last in the picture is now staying with us. I hope she will stay a little while.


Anonymous said...

Some very nice dog photos and cat photos too.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Areta is so beautiful, I'm not surprised that she's found a new home. Good job! Maybe Sabana is yours for sounds as though she's won a special place in your heart.

Anonymous said...

A new home found - very good!

Trijnie said...

We're gonna mis Areta when we visit you. hope to see you and Sabana soon.
No doubt she will find a home, she is so sweet.
Ofcourse I'm happy for Areta

RILEY said...

WOw, as in bow wow, those doggies are so lucky that you've given them a safe place until their new family "arrives." I lived with another family before the wonderful persons I live with now adopted me - I'm a very lucky guy!

Thanks to new parents:)

Margaret Cloud said...

Are you a foster home for dog's? Very nice looking dog's.

alerts said...