Saturday, December 13

Hey Greetings from IOS, By JoAnn's-D-Eyes

Above: Dog "IOS"
Hey everyone!
I am here laying in my dogsbed, taking a nap... its freezing outside, Not that I do not like that I love snow, Berner Sennen dogs LOVES snow! What I want to say here is that,
I am going on a CHRISTMAS-holiday, and are you? Are you taking a holiday too?
We: IOS and JOANN ( are wishing you all dog & Cat-owners:
Thank you for your comments.


Anonymous said...

Awww - isn't he sweeeeet!!! I like this photo very much - he looks like a protector!!!

Hans said...

are you going on a snow trip Ios ?

Trijnie said...

also happy holidays for Ios an Joann!!

JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

Thnaks WOEF,

*Ms Hays, my dog IOSje is evrything but just NOT a protector, we must protect her more :) its a sweet, soft hearded dog, with a very mild character. (Its a: Bernese Mountain Dog)

* Hans When its snowing in Holland, Maybe there is snow, because we are staying in Holland/BRABANT.

Happy Christmas to you too ,and also for Dog TOMMY, from us!

IOSje and JoAnn