Saturday, October 18

Poor Silva

We did not have a good week, Silva was very ill as you can see. She needed a surgery on her neck. Tommy felt very sorry for her. She is recovering now and we hope the best for her.

Thanks Tommy


Suzanne McDermott said...

Oh, Silva! Tallulah, Ginger Ale, Alonso and I are all sending our love and good wishes for a quick recovery. We're so sorry that you've been ill but are happy that you're in good hands with Trijnie, Hans and Tommy. Get well soon! XO

GutsyWriter said...

I'm a dog lover too and feel so much pain when a dog suffers. God luck with the surgery. What's wrong?

Anonymous said...

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Small City Scenes said...

Good vibes going Silva's way. I do hope everything is ok now. mb

Trijnie said...

Thanks for your kind words everyone.
Silva is better today. No Fever.
Tomorrow we visit the vet again. She had a huge abscess in her neck. They did not find the cause. So we hope it will not infect again.

náná said...

hugs for Silva and my dear Tommy


Margaret Cloud said...

I hope Silva is still doing well, I hate it when animals have anything wrong with them, the best to you Silva.