Monday, August 4

Tutti Chew

Tallulah has been waiting for Trijnie, Hans and, especially, Tommy...chewing away at her security rug. She's so happy that you all had fun and are home again, safe and sound!


Hans said...

Hi Talluhah it was wonderfull to visit your country we hope to come back someday and see some more !

Trijnie said...

Hi Talluhah and Suzanne, America is so beautiful and the people are so friendly, nice to see you again!
This picture is great, the squares fit so perfectly to the white.

Suzanne McDermott said...

I am truly pleased to hear that you enjoyed your trip to the US so much. I'm looking forward to pictures!

I picked up this rug at a yard sale for one dollar and it's become Talullah's most favorite thing to lie on. Cheap thrills!