Saturday, August 16



We want to introduce our new dog Silva. We adopted her today. She is already shown on this blog before. She was born in Spain and was homeless there. She was 7 months in shelter with Lidy and Jaap. She is a happy dog and very friendly for Tommy. She has Sheperd- and Huskey-blood. Already big fun today without a leache. We are very happy we were able to adopt her.

Hans Trijnie and Tommy


Jaap said...

That is great.
Silva is fun. and with Tommy a fine couple.
Strange to see her on pictures I did not pusch butten to release the shutter:)
See you!

Trijnie said...

we are happy with this beautiful lady! Ik heb lidy vanochtend gemaild

Hans said...

Tommies lovely fiancé..

Maya said...

Oops, I asked that question before reading this post, sorry! I was thinking she might be a husky/shepard mix. That is one of the mixes I'd like to get. She is so cute!

Trijnie said...

she is cute, very interested in the sheep, cows and horses who are in the meadow before the studio. Met the neighbour ponys this morning, first a bit afraid (the ponys are used to dogs). They came running very fast.
But Silva is a tough lady, even licked one of the pony on the big nose, just as Tommy did. ;)