Thursday, June 19

The Puddha

The Moody Puddha

The Stalking  Puddha..

The Handsome Puddha

The Puddha bathing...

King Of The Castle Puddha

Albiet, The Puddha is most often referred to as Puddy, 
I admit he has many an alias....
Der Pudmeister
The Great Pudini


Anonymous said...

Having fun reading of your blog.


Anonymous said...

nice blog isnt it?


Suzanne said...

What a handsome cat. Enjoying your blog. Happy weekend.

Jerez said...

Suzanne, The Puddha send you blessings and cancels out any bad Karma you might have ever
Oh he's a vain rascal he is..not spoiled !

I taught him to go outside counting to 6. It only took once, he is really smart, I'm learning from him finally!


Berto, u2..

reader Wil said...

I love cats. We always had them, but when the last one died I decided that I won't take pets anymore. I am at least 6 or 7 weeks abroad. Thanks for your visit you asked about the history of the Dutch rusk with aniseed sprinkles. Well here is the answer
. As I wrote in my entry "beschuit met muisjes"is eaten after the birth of a baby.This tradition goes back to the 17th century. Why we don't know.

Jerez said...

Reader, I read that, I was referring to those sugar cubes with anise, what are they used for? I put them in pearl tea ( milk and sugar tea)

auringonkukka said...

beautiful cat!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love the names. My Cat Wendell is often addressed as Wuffy, Woolis,Veen duhl and The Man.
;) I talk baby talk to him too.

Jerez said...

I taught Puddy to go out the door before I count to 6. It took one time only! Cats are smarter than people!