Tuesday, June 10

Molly, the Orginal Salty Dog!

Molly , my JRT, loves the beach! We hit the beach whenever we can. The first time she went to the beach, I got the idea for Salty Dogs

I saw how much the dogs loved the beach and right then started taking pictures for the book I had in mind.

While it took quite some time to find a publisher , my book Salty Dogs is now out. It has over 112 pictures of 39 different breeds of dogs enjoying the beach!

Check out my website

http://jeanmfogle.com/ and my blog Salty Dogs

to learn more about the book!


You can order it at amazon.com!


Suzanne said...

I love the beach, too! Wish I were will Molly there, splashing around in the surf....


Beautiful "Salty Dog".

Trijnie said...

congratulations with this sweet little dog and your book

Neva said...

Hi Jean! Welcome welcome welcome!!!It is good to see Molly here! love your book!

Hans said...

great beach pictures

Jaap said...

Nice (salty) dog and book.
The beach is a fine place to make pictures of the doggies.
The waves are high, here (Holland) the waves are smaller if I see the photo's.

Constança Lucas said...

So pretty!
My Náná loves walk on the beach