Friday, May 9

Tommy and the kite

yesterday spending a beautiful day on the beach of Schiermonnikoog. We don't know if Tommy is familiar with the sea. He is adopted from Spain. We don't know where he was born. He is not afraid for the waves. He likes to eat shells and other things from the sea so........
On the background Hans with his children are kiting and Tommy was watching all the time


Hans said...

A perfect day !

Jaap said...

What a blue sky, I'd like to go there.
The kite is like a little cloud.
Perhaps Tommy is wondering if it's going to rain.

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

Heeeh Hans Trijnie,
I am glad to see/her that you all are enjoying your self wooof for Tommy from IOSje

Greetings Joann