Thursday, April 24

Woof! Where am I?

Cold Icy greetings from IOSje and JoAnn,

Hello My owner is a bit Travel'sick' its not possible to post as much as we do as usual. But when you want to know where we are , I can tell you this: ITS COLD HERE where we stay!!!!!
I Woof! Love it here, I feel my ROOTS , wanna know where we are?


Jaap said...

Brrrr cold but Ios loves it.
The second photo is very nice, a pitty you have little pictures.

Luiz Ramos said...

Good shots.

Trijnie said...

I'll think you will have a great time there in Switserland. Ios's country?!

Small City Scenes said...

A happy dog. My smaller dog, Jake, loves the snow and rolls and plays and gets right underneath the snow. MB

Hans said...

Is it still snowing over there?