Monday, April 7

Introducing Defor

I would like to introduce my good friend Peters dog 'Defor' (D for Dog) Defor is of course a Greyhound and was bred from racing stock. He as not however raced as Peter got him as a puppy. Peter and Defor lived in a tent for the last few years but now have a warm room to share. Defor as far as Peter is concerned comes first and foremost.. I know of no other dog that as their picture taken as often as this one dose... and he loves it.

Anyway.. that's Defor.... a dog for all seasons, a friend to many and well loved by all that know him. I will post more about him soon.


Trijnie said...

Hello Defor, what a great dog you are.
I am very fond off Greyhounds. The picture below is very hylarious. He lools like a black hare.
I think he is as fast as a hare.
Looking forward for more...

Jaap said...

Great dog, story and pictures.
I like Defor already.

Hans said...

This looks like a great dog !
nice photocolage !

Sans said...

He is getting some air!! Go Defor!!

Neva said...

What a handsome dog!