Tuesday, March 11

Simon and cones

Simon is the star of dog obedience class.....to the point they (other dog owners) ask why we are there and I respond "in order for him to advance I have to show he is well trained"....and he is.

Hans: I hope you are feeling better and are on the way to better health! I hope you are getting better daily!


Trijnie said...

I think some dogs like to learn and work, it makes them happy.
Is this also your dog Neva?

Hans said...

thank you Neva It will take some more time I hope in few weeks I can go out with Tommy..

Neva said...

Yes, I got Simon from a friend's niece who could no longer keep him. He is an English pointer mix and he is a very nice dog. Clancy loves him. Hans, I am glad to hear from you. Hope the weeks go by quickly for you.