Monday, March 24

Meet Avery, the beagle

Avery belongs to my nephew, Jeff, and his girl, Jessie. Maybe we should call Avery, J'Avery!


Trijnie said...

she looks very friendly

Hans said...

she has sweet eyes... hello Avery !!

Jeff said...

Avery was a training dog at the vet school at Virginia Tech. She was born at VT and still lives with us at VT. She might look brown, black and white, but under all that hair, she's maroon and orange.

BTW, she's a lot fatter now.

Anonymous said...

While her Daddy did a good job, I thought that I'd tell a little more about her. I am lucky to have such a wonderful dog.

Avery lived at the vet school as a teaching animal for almost three years, and grew up in a kennel run with 12 other beagles. During her time at the Virginia-Maryland Regional School of Veterinary Medicine, she was one of a large group of teaching dogs. Whenever a procedure needed to be taught to veterinary students, i.e. spaying, giving shots, drawing blood, one of the teaching beagles would be used as a teaching animal. While her early years did not involve human contact, she quickly adapted to her new home, and learned how to play with toys. Her greatest love since her first day home, however, is people food. If obsessive-compulsive disorder presents itself in canines, her relationship with food would be the definitive case.

Roasted chicken is her favorite food.