Sunday, February 24

IOS is feeling better, now the best wishes for HANS...

ABOVE: This was IOS on Friday
Under: But NOW I am feeling much better!
So Now we'll hope that HANS
is feeling beter day by day...
Also the best wishes for HANS from JoAnn,
Get well soon.
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Trijnie said...

great you feel better IOS. take care

Neva said...

I hope all of you are feeling better....from Hans to Ios to JoAnn and are you holding up?

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

THANKS Trijnie and Neva,

Well lets not compare a dog's operation, with a HUMAN heart operation (I mean Hans's), but we are doing fine slowly day by day,

Doggy/IOS is getting better every day, she is slowly 4 days recovering :"Friday was operation and its NOW ,Tuesday",she started eating and walking a bit again... Thanks,WOOF!

JoAnn and Ios

Hans said...

don't worry i 'll be back Ios !