Friday, February 1


Jaap said...

I think Tommy has training in this jump over cattle roosters:)

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hee Hans :)!
Nice photograph of action from Tommy. He's relly looking happy..

See 2 post's below this one, I added 2 more photo's to "proof" that Ios-Dog and JoAnn, were there. There = under the dark arriving clouds. I thought you might liked some 'art or mysterious' photography too?

Ok maybe not, thats fine with me too...But NOW you can see that we were really there!

Have a good weekend:)

Suzanne said...

You should enter Tommy in the long jump competition! How do you get the camera to freeze him? I have to read my instruction book, I have too many blurry pictures of the cats.

Hans said...

Jaap I want to buy a ( hoepel ? ) for him..

Suzanne I use a very fast shutterspeed .. on the most compactcamera there is a sport-option but I don't know what kind camera you have..