Friday, December 14

We love to sleep.....

Hey Everyone!
You've seen me before.... I like all the animal-friends of this blog, I also like the cats .
Its Christmas soon and I do not like that noisy sounds outside, KaaBOOOOM!!! I wish that someone os telling those "Kabooom" things, to stop... For all the animals and their owners: have a great weekend,WOOOF !!! When you want to see more of me go to our blog, search for label "my dog" BYE!!!


Hans said...

hello Ios This this is the first time I see your white spot on your nose ....that looks nice

Neva said...

Hi IOS! Joann, she is still beautiful!

griesmail said...

We also hate the "Kabooms" outside,
hold on IOS, you look so relaxed, the noice does not seem to border you. Tommy ignores it until now