Saturday, December 22

That stupid thing NOT on my head!!!!!!!

TOMMY prepairing for Christmas (no way)


Hans said...

Oh no my christmashat !!!!!!!!!

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Tommy you are very right!
No hats for any dog nor cat,
Ios/My dog doesn't like it either but he loves me so much, that she won't care whatever I put on her head...
But I won't do it really..., just for the photo I might..

Whogie58 said...

Tommy's right! Nobody should ask that much from somebody. He has got his pride allright.
You gotta be an enormous asshole to let it happen with you.
Good acting Tommy!

Hans said...

It was my idea to put the hat on tommys head but he doen't want to be a santadog..