Tuesday, December 11

Kopper, 2 weeks before he died, sweet memories

Kopper, still so vivit on this picture, as if he was floating on air. This picture of our dog is so tight in my memory. (It is not a manupulated photo)
Sometimes when we call our new friend its Kop.... no Tommy!
They would be friends together I am sure.


Suzanne said...

Yes, Copper looks as though he is already ascending to another plane. How good to know that he was out enjoying a walk with his people so soon before his passing. Thanks for the picture.

Constança Lucas said...

fun fly

'Through-JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi I am so sorry for you that Kopper died, but its a sweet memory this photo, no other dog can take his place...he's unique.

Bye Kopper, sweet dreams.

friel said...

Ach ja snik snik!

griesmail said...

aaaah lief hoor/ thankyou so much for comments

Hans said...

This one is so special for me..

Jaap said...

Yes, very nice picture.
A fine moment and tender feelings.
Sure Copper is in the fields of heaven now or at least on his way to that kind of place.

griesmail said...

thanks a lot Jaap, I am sure he is.
We enjoy your photo's a lot, Hans is posting now.