Wednesday, December 5

Hi This is doggy IOS:)

I am IOS,
My hair-colours are: Black-white and red, I am a female doggy , medium size with a weight of only 30 kilo's. I am an SWISS Bernese Mountain Dog.I Love children and have a soft-easy character... But I must be carefull , because my legs hurts sometimes, but I am NOT carefull I like to walk on stais and to play. I am a very good mooded doggy, always glad....II always like to eat, even after I have eaten stomach is alays hungry making sounds Knorrrrr... I Love to play with cats, so I can show myself on this blog:)

And I want to say Hello &Welcome to also a sweet dognamed: TOMMY from Trijnie & Hans,
I live in Holland with JoAnn, this is her blog click here Woooof! Nice meeting you here:)


Hans said...

nice to meet you to here Ios and greetings to Joann !

Neva said...

IOS is so pretty Joann! I love your photos.

'Through-JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Wooof!! from 'shy' IOS,
Thank-you Neva
Thanks Hans