Monday, November 19


Saterday we see him for the first time, its so exciting


JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

What, on Saterday?
Your dog than?

:) Just curious....

R & L said...

wow, so you're gonna be a mom(again)??
and, like joann asked before me, can you take him home then?
(looks like a happy and sweet dog!)

griesmail said...

We meet him Saterday, We have to decide in the weekend. Possible I can take him home on Monday.
He has a gentle character, is friendly to other dogs and cats.
His obsesion is food. He had a bad time in Spain,was had no home and had to look for his own food. He still has to learn a lot.
story will be continued.....

Neva said...

He certainly looks like he would be a wonderful dog. Good luck.