Tuesday, November 6

Nina: summer hair cut

fotografia alojada em www.flickr.com

Also very nice dogs in these two blogs by Jilly : Riviera Dogs and Postcards from Pension Milou.


griesmail said...

he is enjoying it!

Neva said...

I would be afraid to take the scissors to a dog....for professionals only!

J.A. said...

You are right, Neva, but did you care to ask the dog opinion? This little one could make you change.

Hans said...

any hair left ?

J.A. said...

Yes: red hair.
This sweet dog has had a tough life when she was a puppy, so by the time she met her owner, she had became a very difficult dog, biting her when she tried to cut her hair. With time and patience she understood this cut was not a dangerous thing (by the way, the scissors are not sharp pointed), but there is no way any other person, besides her owner, can approach her with scissors.