Thursday, November 8

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fotografia alojada em


J.A. said...

This photo was taken downtown Setubal (near Lisbon, Portugal).
I apologize for posting stray dogs and cats, because these might seem sad stories, comparatively with the pet family bonding, but in fact these clever animals manage to socialize peacefully with humans, in a different way, but nevertheless mutually respectful. Sad stories also happen, but usually not with stray animals: dogs that are confined all day in closed and isolated spaces, as "watchdogs", or permanently tied width short leashes, dog-fighting, etc.

I remember this song by Tom Paxton (Icarus):

   Stray dog be my friend today.
   Something good just slipped away.
   I flew high and you flew low.
   We're Mama's boys with miles to go.

Hans said...

good catch..

griesmail said...

Its okay to pay attention to stray cats and dogs.
A took a lot of photos of them.

nice song

griesmail said...
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