Saturday, November 10

Clancy waiting for his walk

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Anonymous said...

So patient, but certainly ready at once, when you say - now :)
Fine looking dog, do you really have them three or two?

griesmail said...

I agree with Leena, looks well educated.
Hans and I decided to look for a dog for addoption. Its very difficult to make choices, they all need a new warm house

CL said...

lindos , o cão e as flores

nice dog and flowers

dog patient and a good look

Neva said...

I have three dogs. Clancy, a purebred 1 year old lab, Tessie, a purebred chocolate 12 year old lab, and I just agreed to take the 3 year old pointer mix, Simon, into my home due to the owner having to get rid of him. He is a good dog but it is taking a while for me to warm up to him! but he is a GREAT playmate for Clancy..Tessie is just relieved that Clancy will leave her alone now. Good luck on your dog search...there are so many that need a home. Can't wait to see what you choose.

guild_rez said...

..would love to take him for a walk..

griesmail said...

We will inform all the bloggers, might ask for helping information.
Thanks for your story Neva. Your dogs found a warm house and friend

Hans said...

This one is realy great what a perfect dog !!