Wednesday, October 3

One year ago

Kopper, healthy and vivid


Anonymous said...

He certainly looks like wanting to play all day long :)
Are you thinking to get a new dog?
When our Nekku died, I said during two years - never a new dog. After these two years, I did not say anything, but I started to think, how nice it could be to get sand and leaves of birches all around the house :)
And it was September 11th six years ago, when I ordered Kiki just before opening TV and seeing all those horror in New York.
I will remember that day and now I know, that it`s also Kate`s birthday !
I should scan photos of Nekku and put some of them here.

griesmail said...

We miss Kopper very much, he lived with us in the studio. He was always around. Miss the long walks and the cuddles. We are looking for a new house in this neighbourhood. Like to start a new studio and galery. We found a house and at the end of the week we know if we can buy it.
In that new house we want to have a dog.
We think about adoption.
Nice you asked Leena, we let you all know