Friday, October 5

NIJNTJE long ago

she was my first cat, gave me a beautiful daughter Jopie. The mother Nijntje became the age of 18 and Jopie died 2 years ago, she was 21 years old. I am "catless" now.


Anonymous said...

I am never been a cat owner and I did not realize, that they can live so long.
We have had a turtle, a Amazon parrot and Guinea pigs, never a cat because I am allergic to cats.
They are such great individualists, I
think. Also Nijntje seems to be ? Beautiful eyes !

griesmail said...

Nijnjte was very special, she once was attacked by a very big Sheperd dog. She reacted like a devil. The poor dog was injured on eye and ear. She was o.k.
How nice you had a parrot they can become very old I think. Hans and I had a tame crow for a year. Suddenly he disapeared. He was unlucky maybe, becourse he trusted all people....I think he met an evel person, I know people who dislike those birds :(

Maybe we have to change the blogname in postyouranimal? !(I'll ask Hans)
We have nice photos of our crow.
You might have pictures of your other animals

Hans said...

nice picture Trijn !

Anonymous said...

I have some old photos, but most photos are in the southern part of Finland with our children`s homes :)
I have to ask and borrow them .
Crows are very clever birds, they are tesing Kiki on our backyard, they are quite near Kiki in branches of birch
and there they are chattering and Kiki try to say by barking: Get away! Crows are only laughing to poor Kiki.