Tuesday, October 9

Balder my beautiful cat.

Balder's father is a holy birma and his mother is an ordenary housecat. He lives with me and my husband on a little farm on the southwestcoast of Norway. He loves to "work" with me in the garden and he likes it when my husband carris him when he is on his way to the barn. Balder is the superwiser when we are milking the cows. He is waiting for his little drop of milk.

This was a little bit about my precious cat. Is'nt he adorabel?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Marie, he is, even I will could get about him very big allergic reaction :))Pictures are best with me and cats.
I am glad, you get through and put your excellent pictures here.

He seems to be very happy cat, I wish, you all are as happy to day!

griesmail said...

beautiful photos of a beautiful cat.

Hans said...

Balder is a real photomodel !

Suzanne said...

Yes, he is adorable and Talullah would love to meet him.